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Switch-around Meme with Rngrn & Satanthor! Of course we chose Hannibal since that was the obsession we have in common right now~! <3 Long story short:

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Have you ever felt tingly when a bad guy was onscreen? Does Loki or Draco have you all aflutter? Would you do anything to be the Joker’s Harley Quinn? Then you may have Villain Attraction Disorder. It’s okay. These women are here to help you.

Reblog this if you’ve ever gotten hot over a villain. Which means ALL OF YOU BECAUSE COME ON JUST LOOK AT LOKI

hannibal huh ……… VAD I have it from A looooooooooooong Time 


Everyone abusing Hannibal Lecter to our great satisfaction

Will being manipulative in Mukozuke